Call for Papers (Closed)

The theme for ALS2018 is “Work and Learning: Conquer New Frontiers!”

Worldwide, industry and economy are evolving rapidly as technological advances bring about new business and work trends. With the Education [Training and Adult Education] Industry Transformation Map launched in February 2018, this sector is ripe for pushing boundaries – to drive innovation, professionalise, deepen TAE skills and increase productivity. Now is the time for the TAE community to seize these windows of opportunities, carve out stronger career prospects and make a difference in the industry.

ALS2018 would like to invite submissions for practice and evidence-based papers, case studies, presentations, workshops or critiques addressing the conference theme and thrusts. Submissions may also be based on the three tracks of the conference below:

Seize! The New Landscape


General guiding questions:

  • Is the TAE context changing to such an extent that it is no longer recognisable? What are these changes and how do we re-invent TAE business models?


Areas of coverage:

  • The new landscape and its effect on practice
  • Case studies / showcases on new practices within the new landscape
  • Global and local perceptions / Perspectives of the new landscape
  • Navigating the opportunities created by the new landscape

Adapt! Disruption is Everywhere


General guiding question:

  • How do we, within the TAE sector, turbo-charge our ways of working so that our practice will stand us in good stead for the future?


Areas of coverage:

  • Reinventing the TAE practitioner
  • Adapting to a VUCA world
  • The changing role of a TAE practitioner
  • Thriving within the new landscape

Transform! High Performing Individuals and Organisations


General guiding question:

  • How may we adapt to the changing contexts in all industry sectors, and re-think the way work is performed and learning is undertaken?


Areas of coverage:

  • Modes of learning in a digitalised economy
  • Technology-enabled learning – the next frontier
  • New assessment paradigms
  • Effective workplace learning practices
  • Leadership practices that promote learning & performance
  • Professional learning in the gig economy
  • Designing work & workplaces for continuous improvement

Standard papers are 30 minutes long, followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion. Alternatively, you can call for a 90-min workshop-style session for your paper.

As ALS2018 is a practitioner-focused conference, the preferred structure of your paper is as follows:

  1. Issue related to the TAE sector, as well as the theme and/or relevant track
  2. Solution or intervention
  3. Findings, outcomes and/or critique

The first stage of the call for papers is the Online Submission of Abstract (no more than 300 words). If your abstract is accepted, you will then proceed to submit a full paper at a later date. All accepted papers must be delivered in English. Attendance of speakers is mandatory – we do not allow Skype or proxy presentations. Presenters for papers accepted for the symposium will be entitled to complimentary passes (subject to maximum of 2 if there is a co-presenter).

Call for papers has closed. The organiser will review your submission and inform the acceptance of abstracts by 14 July 2018.