Day 2 Symposium Papers and Presentations

The symposium papers and slides are available for download in pdf format. You may need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files.

*Materials are available for downloading as permitted by the presenters.


Klaus D. Wittkuhn, Founder and Managing Partner, Performance Design International

Dr Eddy Lee, Founder, Coffee Ventures


Session 4.1 – National Strategy to Recycle and Reuse our Workforce    
Liu Fook Thim (Professional Supremacy Corporation)

Session 4.2 – Adapting Career Advisory Services for Adult Educators    
Clare Poon & Cynthia Lau

Session 4.3 – Actionable Strategies for Effective Communities of Practice (CoP): A Case Study of a 6-month CoP implementation by the Centre for Educational Development for the School of Hospitality at Republic Polytechnic 
Mark Chia (Republic Polytechnic)

Session 4.4 – Thriving in the Age of Change Through Action Learning (Part I)   
Phoon Kok Hwa (Professional Action Learning Coach)

Session 4.5 – Innovative Learning Culture in Organisations
Dr Yang Silin, Dr Arthur Chia, Tai Jo Fang (Institute for Adult Learning), Millie Lee & Aishah

Session 4.6 – Enhancing Workplace Learning and Performance Using Skills Framework     
William Thien (EON Consulting & Training)

Session 5.1 – Adult Educators and the Industry Transformation Map    
Goh Chye Guan (SMER)

Session 5.2 – Seizing New Opportunities with Learning Circles  
Prashant Jain (Wiztango), Lim Boon Piul (Sales Blueprint) & Dr Renee Tan (Institute for Adult Learning)

Session 5.3 – Integrating Learners’ Prior Knowledge & Learning Preference in CET Teaching
Ting Lee Hoon & Dr N. Vijayan (Temasek Polytechnic)

Session 5.4 – Thriving in the Age of Change Through Action Learning (Part II)    
Phoon Kok Hwa

Session 5.6 – Thriving in Industry 4.0 – The Festo Way  
Volker Schmid & Edward Gasper (Festo Didactic, Asia Pacific)

Session 5.7 – How Can Artificial Intelligence Change the Way We Work & Learn    
Dr Michael Choy & Mr Bryan Tay (Dioworks)

Session 6.1 – Measuring Lifelong Learning in Singapore  
Chia Ying & Sheng Yee Zher (Institute for Adult Learning)

Session 6.2 – Transforming the Workforce for the Future – Sharing AEP Germany Trip Learning (Part I)    
Varghese Harry, Lim Boon Piul (Sales Blueprint) & Kala Manickam

Session 6.3 – Micro-learning to Support Just-in-time Learning for Academic Staff @ Temasek Polytechnic  
Pratima Majal & Woo Boon Seong (Temasek Polytechnic)

Session 6.4 –  Work-based Learning from the Local Perspective     
Lee Kang Yam, Cynthia Lam (Singapore Polytechnic) & Centre for Learning and Performance (Institute for Adult Learning)

Session 6.5 – Key Success Factors of Mobile Learning in 5Ps  
Dr Lynda Wee & Audrey Kang (Bootstrap)

Session 6.6 – Understanding the Process of Leadership Development that Promotes Learning and Performance    
Daniel Siew

Session 7.1 – Modes of Learning in a Digitalised Economy  
Laurence Smith (

Session 7.2 – Transforming the Workforce for the Future – Sharing AEP Germany Trip Learning (Part II)    
Varghese Harry, Lim Boon Piul (Sales Blueprint) & Kala Manickam

Session 7.3 – Understanding Adult Learners’ Sense-making to Inform Pedagogical Innovations in Blended Learning: Two Cases from Healthcare and ICT Industries    
Dr Bi Xiaofang & Mohamed Fadhil (Institute for Adult Learning)

Session 7.4 –  Skills Internationalisation – A Uniquely Singapore Strategy    
Anderson Tan (SkillsSG Ventures)

Session 7.5 – Use of Mobile-app Enabled Training for Pre-school Special Educators to Provide Intervention for Young Children with Autism   
Dr Gloria Law (Community Psychology Hub)

Session 7.6 – The Game Plan – Using Gamification Strategies to Engage Learners as Active Players    
Yeo Xi-Wei (Living Theories)